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Elwick Road

1853 Map of Ashford showing the newly built Elwick Road

Elwick Road was built in 1852, as a grand avenue linking the railway station to the town centre.

Some of the Regency style houses on the north side were occupied by Ashford’s dignitaries.

Built later were two large semi-detached pairs of houses to the east of Church Road Swanton House and Compton House and Beeleigh and the Rosary. Beeleigh and the Rosary were demolished to make way for the new Ashford College building.

The Technical Institute, which stood adjacent to The Rosary, close to the entrance core of the current college was used during World War I as an Auxiliary Hospital staffed by Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) Volunteers.  Swanton House and Compton House, which currently remain standing, replaced the college as the Auxiliary Hospital after the War.

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