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Upper High Street

Returning to the High Street, pass the oak-beamed George Hotel. Ashford’s oldest public house, it began as a coachmen’s staging post and was first referenced in a will of 1533 as a bequest from John Burwashe to his wife Idev. If you look to the building skyline to your left, you will notice that many buildings are emblazoned with their opening date. How many can you spot?

Just past the George is the town bandstand which features motifs of Ashford’s heritage across its design. See if you can find emblems of markets, the River Stour, St Mary’s Church, the railway and oast houses.

Oast houses, which were used for drying hops for beer, pepper the Kent landscape and underpinned the local economy throughout the 19th Century.

Read more about some of the buildings in Upper High Street:

Comprises only an extract of the list entry for the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990

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